Medical device identifier

Jonathan W. Valvano
John A. Pearce
Rodney P. Horton
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United States Patent and Trademark Office

A medical device identifier can identify an implanted medical device. In one example arrangement, the medical device identifier sends electromagnetic signals to the implanted device according to one or more stored digitized waveforms. The device then senses any returned electromagnetic signals, and identifies the implanted device based on the returned electromagnetic signals. The medical device identifier may generate the electromagnetic signals from the stored digitized waveforms using an analog-to-digital converter, and may compare the returned electromagnetic signals with one or more stored digital templates corresponding to different device manufacturers. The comparison may be performed using cross correlation. In another aspect, a portal device includes an identification subsystem for identifying the provider of a medical device, and a communication subsystem for establishing two-way communication a call center servicing medical devices from an identified provider. The portal device may relay information between the medical device and the identified provider.