Solid Freeform Fabrication at The University of Connecticut

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Harrison, Shay
Crocker, James E.
Manzur, Tariq
Marcus, Harris L.

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Gas phase solid freeform fabrication research at The University of Connecticut focuses on two main procedures, Selective Area Laser Deposition (SALD) and Selective Area Laser Deposition Vapor Infiltration (SALDVI). A SFF research laboratory is under construction at UCONN, with two new operation systems. These systems possess temperature control, data acquisition capabilities, in-situ video monitoring, and the ability to fabricate SALDVI parts up to four inches wide by four inches long. The procurement of a harmonic generating Nd:YAG six watt laser, capable of producing output at 532, 355, and 266 nanometer wavelengths, as well as a coupled effort with the Photonics Center at the University providing laser diodes at a variety of wavelengths, presents the opportunity to explore interactions involved in gas reactions driven by lasers. Investigations of material systems will include ceramic carbides, nitrides, and their composites, as well as metals.


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