South Asia Institute Newsletter, Fall 2018

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In this Issue: Letter from the Director - The trial of public health in India - Where nothing was lost in translation - Faculty, Student and Alumni News - South Asian territories: A scholarly exploration - Towards a globalized curriculum in ACC classrooms - Seminar series examines embodiment, sensations and landscapes - Sanskrit turns winter into spring at UT - Perso-Urdu creativity in South Asia - Kannada Studies Initiative - New Hindi, Urdu, Tamil and Sanskrit faculty - Unity through Graffiti: A South Asian Languages Mural - 'Enlarged by new roads' in Lahore - BBQ, the two step and SXSW: NCA faculty's Texan spring - Global literacy in K-5 classrooms - Epic proportions: Indian miniatures at the Blanton and beyond - Land matters in Nepal - Eye camps in Chennai inspire 'vision' for career in healthcare - Navigating 'The New Normal' - Networking in Pakistan improves UT collections - Adventures in teaching 'Religions of Asia' at HTU - Austin hosts two queer filmmakers with a Deepa Mehta connection

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