The associations among parenting, socialization of coping, youth coping and youth depression in low-SES Latinx families




Moats, Gabriela Echavarría

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Latinx youth have among the highest rates of depression in the U.S. Adaptive coping skills have been found to protect against depression across racial and ethnic groups. Research in non-Latinx families has found that parenting behaviors impact youth coping strategies, but little research has examined how parent behavior impacts Latinx children’s coping. In addition, the majority of previous studies have been cross-sectional, used single informant data, utilized measures with poor psychometric properties, and not controlled for important demographic variables. The proposed study aims to address these gaps. Analyses will consist of T-tests, correlations, one-way ANOVAs and regression models. This research could contribute to the development of culturally informed interventions for this population.


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