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University Centennial Exposition

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University Centennial Exposition




These scans comprise a large folder of original pamphlets produced by the University Centennial Exposition committee, managed by William L. McGill as part of the larger Texas Centennial Exposition at the University of Texas campus in Austin, centered at Gregory Gym, from April to November, 1936. The pamphlets were issued weekly as supplements to the Daily Texan. They consist of repetitive details about the exhibition, the University and Austin in general, weekly features about the exhibits, and advertising. It is not known if this set is complete. They were discovered in an office cleanout in the 1990’s, and may, though there is no way to verify it, have belonged to Professor William Battle, as there were other miscellaneous materials associated with Professor Battle collocated with this folder. These materials contain many important details about what was exhibited on site that later became (or did not become) part of the Texas Memorial Museum or other UT collections. It is hoped that those investigating the Centennial Exposition and its contents may find specific details in these pamphlets that might have been left out of media reports, and that might help explain the origins and intentions of some of the early UT collections efforts. More information on the University Centennial Exposition may be found here: and at the Briscoe Center in the collections William Lawrence McGill papers 1917-1958, and William James Battle Papers, 1870-1959.

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