Factors influencing children's reported health promotion behaviors




Frauman, Annette Crosby, 1938-

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Thus far factors influencing children's health behaviors have received minimal attention from researchers. Bruhn and Parcel (1982) advocate testing their proposed model in order to discover the relevant influences on children's health behavior. Moreover, they point to the lack of consistent definitions in children's health research and a paucity of reliable and valid instruments (Bruhn & Parcel, 1982). The overall research question that guided this study was, "What are the relationships among maternal influences, their children's developmental and psychological characteristics, and their children's health promoting behaviors?" Therefore, the study sought to answer the following research questions: 1. Which combination of child and maternal factors best predicts children's positive health behavior? 2. What is the relationship between children's developmental and psychological characteristics and their health behavior? 3. What is the relationship between maternal influences and children's health behavior? 4. What is the relationship between mothers' health behaviors and their childrens' health behavior? 5. What is the relationship between mothers' health locus of control and their children's health locus of control? 6. What is the relationship between mothers' health value and their children's health value?