Geopressured Geothermal Fairway Evaluation and Test Well Site Location Frio Formation, Texas Gulf Coast

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Bebout, Don G.
Gregory, A. R. (Alvin Ray), 1915-
Loucks, R. G.

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Tertiary strata of the Texas Gulf Coast comprise a number of terrigenous depositional wedges, some of which thicken abruptly at their downdip ends as a result of contemporaneous movement of growth faults and underlying salt. The Frio Formation, one of these wedges, has been studied regionally by means of a grid of correlation cross sections aided by micropaleontological control. By means of these sections, the Frio was subdivided into six map units; maps of sandstone distribution within these units delineate principal elongate sandstone trends parallel to the Gulf Coast composed of deltaic, barrier-bar, and strandplain sandstones.

These broad regional studies, followed by detailed local investigations, were pursued in order to delineate prospective areas for the production of geopressured geothermal energy. A prospective area must meet the following minimum requirements: reservoir volume of 3 cubic miles, minimum permeability of 20 millidarcys (md), and fluid temperatures of 300°F. Several geothermal fairways were identified as a result of this Frio study.


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