Coordination of Geological and Engineering Research in Support of Gulf Coast Co-Production Program

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Finley, Robert J.
Morton, Robert A.

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The objective of this investigation was to evaluate the mechanism of secondary gas recovery by co-production in a slightly geopressured watered-out reservoir (Hitchcock N.E. field). This involved making a geological interpretation of the field and defining the reservoir parameters for reservoir engineering and modeling analysis. The excellent reservoir parameters of the Frio 1A1 sandstone are due to its distributary-mouthbar origin. Slight salinity reductions during production may be evidence of contemporaneous shale dewatering. Geochemical data indicate that the hydrocarbons had a deep source and were introduced by very saline brines. Numerical simulation of the Hitchcock N.E. field is being carried out by modeling the physical dimensions of the field, determining reservoir properties, and matching simulated pressures with historical measures. The historical and simulated measures match has not yet been achieved satisfactorily. Hence, no attempt was made to simulate the future performance of the Hitchcock N.E. field. Studies at the Delee No. 1 well show that there are large short-term variations in mud and mud filtrate resistivity while a well is being drilled. Boron concentrations in the Frio 1A1 sandstone are high and must be corrected for when interpreting some types of neutron logs.


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