Dinuclear Rh(II) Pyrazolates As CVD Precursors for Rhodium Thin Films

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McCarty, W. Jeffrey
Yang, Xiaoping
Anderson, Lauren J. D.
Jones, Richard A.

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New dinuclear rhodium(II) pyrazolate (Pz) complexes of formula Rh(2)(3-R, 5-R'Pz)(4)center dot 2L (R = R' = CF(3), L = H(2)O (1), CH(3)CN (2)) and Rh(2)(3-R, 5-R'Pz)(4) (R = R' = (t)Bu (3); R = CF(3), R' = tBu (4)) have been synthesized from the interaction of the lithium salt of the corresponding pyrazole with Rh(2)(OAc)(4) in diethyl ether. The complexes were characterized by X-ray crystallography and spectroscopic methods. They were further evaluated as precursors for the chemical vapor deposition (CVD) of Rh thin films using H(2) as the carrier gas. The resulting films were characterized by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), X-ray diffraction (XRD) and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS).



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McCarty, W. Jeffrey, Xiaoping Yang, Lauren J. DePue Anderson, and Richard A. Jones. "Dinuclear Rh (II) pyrazolates as CVD precursors for rhodium thin films." Dalton Transactions 41, no. 1 (Nov., 2012): 173-179.