Processes for removing acid components from gas streams

Gary T. Rochelle
John C. S. Chang
Charles B. Sedman
Theodore G. Brna
Claus Jorgensen
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United States Patent and Trademark Office

The present disclosure relates to improved processes for treating acid gases to remove acid gas components therefrom. Processes in accordance with the present invention include preparing a calcium silicate hydrate sorbent in the form of a semi-dry, free-flowing powder, and treating the gas with the powdery sorbent, such as by injecting the sorbent into a stream of the gas. The powdery sorbents may be prepared by slurrying/drying or pressure hydration techniques. Examples disclosed herein demonstrate the utility of these processes in achieving improved acid gas-absorbing capabilities in both lab-scale and pilot plant studies. Additionally, disclosure is provided which illustrates preferred plant design configurations for employing the present processes using conventional dry sorbent injection equipment. Retrofit application to existing plants is also addressed.