Revolver : synchronized visual event capture using mobile devices and cloud services




Stathopoulos, Michael

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The proliferation of mobile computing devices with powerful sensing and communication capabilities has created an immense social landscape of awareness and connectedness. Social media applications have been largely designed for asynchronous expression and collaboration among individuals. Though these models have served as suitable surrogates for social interaction in a rapidly evolving digital age, they have been insufficient at connecting people spatially and temporally. This report describes Revolver: an appli- cation utilizing the state-of-the-art in mobile and distributed computing to provide users with a shared sense of time and space. Revolver allows users to synchronously capture image data of their surroundings with the ability to virtually reconstruct an event from the separate sources. We present the ratio- nale for the project, design considerations, implementation details, results of the prototyping effort, and conclusions to carry this project to future phases of development for viable deployment.



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