Method and apparatus for rapid drying of coated materials with close capture of vapors

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Philip S. Schmidt
John H. Davis
Tyler Blessing

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United States Patent and Trademark Office


A method and apparatus for the removing solvents from coated materials while capturing evaporated vapors in a confined space and maintaining non-explosive conditions within the space. Microwave energy may be applied to a coated material as the coated material passes through a cavity configured to produce an electromagnetic resonance mode. The application of microwaves to the coated material causes rapid evaporation of the solvents. The cavity is also configured to confine the evaporated vapors in a small volume and control the inflow of air into the volume so as to produce an effluent waste stream which includes a relatively high concentration of solvent molecules while maintaining a non-explosive atmosphere within the cavity. The method and apparatus are particularly suited for treating coated web materials, especially continuous webs.



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