This "court of mine" : an analysis of Black women athletes media use as a tool for advocacy, self-care, and activism




Brown, Haley Marie

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This paper considers the ways in which Black women athletes have used media to disrupt and challenge dominant narratives and images about themselves. Black women- in and out of sports- have long been scrutinized and subjugated by media narratives and stereotypical images. Yet, in recent years, Black women in sports have found ways to successfully use their platforms and media engagement to offer counter narratives about their athletic participation. This paper uses media discourse analysis and Black feminist thought to examine six contemporary major professional Black women athletes and their personal uses of media. Ultimately, this study reveals how Black women have been able to use new forms of media engagement as tools for advocacy and activism, challenging racialized and gendered stereotypes while simultaneously addressing issues like self-care, mental health and wellness and political protest.


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