The Rise of STI Rates Among Young Adults and Proposed Solutions




Gutierrez, Lusaura Michelle
Clinton, Miranda
Park, Siin
Trinh, Andrea
Ichino, Kharen
Collins, Katie
Nguyen, Natalie
Warrier, Gautam

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Compared with older adults, sexually active individuals aged 15–24 years are at a higher risk of acquiring sexually transmitted infections (STIs) for a combination of behavioral, biological, and social reasons. Because of this, nearly half of the 20 million newly transmitted diseases diagnosed each year are among young people aged 15-24 years old. Unfortunately, the consequences of STIs are especially severe for young people due to undiagnosed cases. Nevertheless, STIs are a problem often disregarded by the public. In 2013 the CDC reported the rates of STIs in Travis County on the rise. Therefore, as a city looking to better the health of our community, it is imperative to propose a solution to reduce the spread of STIs in Austin. Our research takes one approach to solving this problem by focusing on the population of young adults and comparing STI rates at across the national, state, and county level. Through our findings we will propose our own solution to reduce rates of STIs on campus.

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