Generational Road Maps: Political, Economic, Scientific?

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Kozmetsky, George

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IC² Institute


In a commencement address to the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, describes the current lack of clear-cut generally acceptable road maps, formal or informal, for dealing with societal challenges and opportunities. Argues that audience members should, at an appropriate time, prepare themselves to accept the leadership for change and embrace the responsibility to develop their generational road map. Discusses the need for stronger linkages between academia, business and government and argues that efforts, newer institutions and mechanisms must be put in place that mitigate and solve urban, suburban and regional problems in parallel with each other. Describes five unprecedented opportunities for the scientific literates in the audience to reshape and restructure R&D and the economic infrastructure. Argues that these changes require audience members to develop and understanding of how public policy will be set in the future, acquire skills, become more multidisciplinary and understand how to commercialize science and technology.



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