Exploring the role of large language model (LLM)-based chatbots for human resources



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The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence has cultivated a fertile ground for the expansion of large-scale language models. The rise of large language model-based chatbots stems from their ability to comprehend and respond to human input, offering detailed information, addressing inquiries, and aiding in various tasks. The emergence of chatbots in multiple domains has resulted in a revolutionary period of technological integration, providing automation and augmentation solutions by enhancing operational efficiency. This report explores the design of large language model-based chatbots to enhance Human Resources (HR) functions in the workplace. Investigating the potential of advanced conversational AI, the study delves into the effectiveness of these chatbots in streamlining HR processes. Employing a literature review, the research evaluates the implementation of chatbots in various domains, the rise of generative Artificial Intelligence-based Large Language Model chatbots, different methods to measure the success of the chatbot, and recommended guidelines for designing a chatbot. Findings reveal the potential of integrating language model chatbots into HR practices, offering insights into the evolving role of AI-driven chatbots as valuable tools for supporting and optimizing human resource management in work environments.



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