Model Islamic will under Texas law




Bharmal, Mansoor Y., 1979-

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The law of inheritance is a vital segment of the Shariah. Nowhere is the fundamental ideology of Islamic law, which is that the law is the manifestation of God’s will, more clearly demonstrated in the Qur’an, than in the law of inheritance. Because the Islamic law of inheritance is so prominently codified in Qur’anic verse, many Muslims are concerned with proper compliance with these laws. In addition many Muslims believe that Islamic inheritance laws are founded on distinct Islamic conceptions of property, family, community, empowerment, and justice. It is with these beliefs and concerns that Muslims choose to implement Islamic inheritance law with fervor around the world. This Model Will with explanatory footnotes seeks to provide an express mechanism that will assist lawyers in drafting wills for Muslims living in Texas that comport with both Shariah and Texas Law.