Anxiolytic effects of exogenous intranasal testosterone in humans




Jin, Shuo

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Higher levels of testosterone have been associated with fewer anxiety symptoms and greater psychological wellbeing. However, additional research is needed to advance the clinical use of testosterone in mental healthcare. This dissertation aims to investigate the anxiolytic effects of testosterone in men and women through three studies. The first study examines the pharmacokinetic profile of a novel testosterone nasal spray, designed for the safe and rapid delivery of exogenous testosterone in men and women. The second study leverages the utility of this novel spray preparation, and investigates the effect of intranasal testosterone on subjective anxiety during a psychosocial challenge. The final study extends the anxiolytic effects of exogenous testosterone in women, and explores the effect of intranasal testosterone on test anxiety and cognitive performance. Collectively, these three studies aim to contribute to a broader understanding of the anxiolytic effects of testosterone, and with it, the potential for testosterone to act as a novel pharmaceutical in the treatment of anxiety.



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