The effect of channel parameters on the adiabatic film cooling effectiveness of shaped holes in crossflow

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Wilkes, Ellen Katherine

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There is limited information in the literature on the behavior of shaped film cooling holes fed by crossflow and even less information on the effect of crossflow parameters on film cooling performance. Here, two scaled film cooling models were used to independently vary the crossflow Reynolds numbers in the range of 36,000 to 57,000 and the crossflow velocity ratio from 0.36 to 0.64. Careful attention was paid to controlling physical parameters between comparisons to isolate the effects of internal velocity ratio or Reynolds number on the performance of shaped holes. In the process of controlling the physical parameters of the system, a novel correction for coolant to mainstream density ratio was proposed. The results of this study showed that channel velocity ratio had a larger effect on the film cooling performance of shaped holes than channel Reynolds number. When the mass flux of fluid through the film cooling holes was at the highest and lowest value, increasing the channel velocity ratio decreased the film cooling effectiveness. At a middle mass flux, the outcome was opposite such that an increase in channel velocity ratio resulted in increased effectiveness.


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