The One-Stop Apprenticeship Opportunity Center: A Feasibility Study




Franklin, William S.
Glover, Robert W.

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Ray Marshall Center for the Study of Human Resources


This report reviews the feasibility of implementing the apprenticeship opportunity center concept which offers potential to simplify and streamline procedures for entrance into apprenticeship programs for the benefit of applicants and program sponsors alike. Such a center would offer a single site at which all applicants for local apprenticeship programs could be initially processed in one stop. It would become an exclusive initial intake center for apprenticeship programs in a local area. Based on interviews with more than a hundred national and local apprenticeship officials, the report offers a critical review of the apprenticeship opportunity center, its rationale, potential benefits and problem areas and presents a preliminary comparison of costs and benefits. The report concludes with a recommendation that the Apprenticeship Opportunity Center be carefully demonstrated in two sites.


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