Direct-Write Fabrication of Integrated, Multilayer Ceramic Components

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Dimos, D.
Yang, P.
Garino, TJ.
Raymond, M.V.
Rodriguez, M.A.

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The need for advanced (electronic) ceramic components with smaller size, greater functionality, and enhanced reliability requires the ability to integrate electronic ceramics in complex 3-D architectures. For rapid prototyping and small-lot manufacturing, traditional tape casting and screen printing approaches are poorly suited. To address this need, we are developing a direct-write approach for fabricating highly integrated, multilayer components using a micropen to deposit slurries in precise patterns. With this technique, components can be constructed layer by layer, simplifying fabrication. It can also be used to produce structures combining several materials in a single layer. The parts are either cofired or sequentially fired, after each layer is deposited. Since differential shrinkage can lead to defects in these multilayer structures, we are characterizing the sintering behavior ofindividua1layers. This technique has been used to fabricate devices such integrated RC filters, multilayer voltage transformers, and other passive components. The direct-write approach provides the ability to fabricate multifunctional, multimaterial integrated ceramic components (MMICCs) in an agile and rapid way.


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