Effective practices for implementing competency-based education at two-year colleges: a Delphi study



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Although competency-based education (CBE) has been around for over fifty years (Gallagher, 2014; Garfolo & L'Huillier, 2016; Ordonez, 2014), recent technological advances and changing perspectives about higher education provide an opportunity for competency-based education to change the way individuals earn a higher education credential or degree. Prior research illustrates that CBE programs have the potential to provide an industry-relevant education to reduce the labor market shortage. Still, there is limited research on curriculum development and strategies for implementing CBE (Dragoo & Barrows, 2016). This study focused on documenting best practices based on expert feedback for implementing CBE at two-year colleges in the U.S. I replicated and expanded on a prior study that focused on higher education (mainly four-year) institutions in the U.S. (McIntyre-Hite, 2016). Using the qualitative Delphi approach from a constructivist frame, I collected multiple rounds of qualitative data collection—beginning with interviews, then questionnaires—to explore effective curriculum development themes from competency-based education experts. This research project investigated and identified competency-based program development strategies to contribute new insights to the field.


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