Toward Enabling Spatial Control of Ti-6Al-4V Solidification Microstructure in the Electron Beam Melting Process

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Narra, Sneha P.
Cunningham, Ross
Christiansen, Daniel
Beuth, Jack
Rollett, Anthony D.

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University of Texas at Austin


In this work, relationships between prior beta grain size in solidified Ti-6Al-4V and melting process parameters in the Arcam Electron Beam Melting (EBM) process are investigated. Toward this goal, samples are built on an Arcam S12 machine at Carnegie Mellon University by specifically varying the Arcam proprietary speed function and beam current over process space for a variety of test specimens. Optical microscopy is used to measure the prior beta grain widths and assess the number of prior beta grains present in a melt pool in the raster region of the build. Results demonstrate that the number of grains across the width of a bead is constant for a fixed deposition geometry. The resulting understanding of the relationship between primary machine variables and prior beta grain widths is a key step toward understanding and enabling the spatial control of as-built microstructure in the EBM process.


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