A comparison of three brief analysis models with the inclusion of contingency reversals

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Gripp, Natalie Mary

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Functional Analysis is a widely used and effective tool for the assessment of challenging behavior. However, there are several practical issues associated with analogue functional analysis, including the reinforcement of challenging behavior and the extended duration of the assessment process. These issues have been addressed in several modified functional analysis models, including the brief functional analysis. The brief functional analysis allows practitioners and researchers to complete an assessment of challenging behavior within a 90-minute period, thus addressing the practical issue of extended duration. It does not, however, address the potential issues associated with the reinforcement of challenging behavior. The current study evaluated the efficacy of three modified functional analysis methods, including a brief antecedent-based analysis (A-B), a brief latency-based analysis, and a brief functional analysis (A-B-C). Results from each assessment were compared and high levels of correspondence was observed between the respective assessment models. Results are discusses in terms of the relative strengths and limitations of each of the models.



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