Changing parking building in the Texas Capitol Complex

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Na, Aena

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The site is in a garage area in the state capitol complex, Austin Texas. Even though this place is located near by important government facilities and public park and links between UT Campus and Central Business District, there are no people who enjoy the place because there are no function except parking. There are just authoritative and mono-cultural office buildings and boring parking buildings. On the street, there are no trees, retails, and galleries for pedestrians. Existing parking buildings are same type and structure. Because the city has several plans to develop this area in the future such as Waller Creek Development, UT Medical School Master Plan, and Austin's Urban Rail, you can see the importance of this area. The most critical problem is this area is cutting the relationship between UT Campus and Downtown. My question is "How can a new type of parking building contribute to make the Texas Capitol Complex good place?" So I suggest a new type of mix-used parking building. The project goal is to gather people, link separated places: The State Capitol, Waller Creek, UT Campus, CBD, intermingle different functions: garage, gallery, shop, theater, restaurant, lounge, pool, park, and then make the place more dynamic, enjoyable and energetic place. Further, I expect that Austin become interesting city to live and visit through like this new place.




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