Continuous Sculpting as a Novel Method to Reduce the Staircase Effect in Solidfreeform Fabrication Processes that Are Dependent on Phase Transformation




Dwivedi, Rajeev
Dwivedi, Indira
Dwivedi, Bharat

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Inherent to 2-1/2 axis deposition in Solid Freeform Fabrication is Staircase effect. The surface geometry of parts produced using Solid Freeform Fabrication, therefore is not smooth. Continuous sculpting is a novel method that combines additive manufacturing to surface modification by relative motion of a forming tool. Molten material is added to substrate. A forming tool that can tilt along different axes is connected to the end effector. The forming tool is oriented along a desired angle and then applies force on the molten material to give it desired shape on the fly. This paper introduces the novel method and a simple case studies.


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