High Power Selective Laser Melting (HP SLM) - Upscaling the Productivity of Additive Metal Manufacturing towards Factor 10




Schleifenbaum, J.H.
Theis, J.
Meiners, W.
Wissenbach, K.
Diatlov, A.
Bültmann, J.
Voswinckel, H.

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University of Texas at Austin


World market competition boosts trends like mass customization and open innovation which result in a demand for highly individualized products at costs matching of beating those of mass production. One of the manufacturing technologies with greatest potential to meet those demands is Selective Laser Melting (SLM) due to its almost infinite freedom of design and the provision of series-identical mechanical properties without the need for part-specific tooling, downstream sintering process, etc. However, the state-of-the-art productivity is not yet suited for series production. Hence, a new machine prototype including a kW laser and an optical multi-beam system is developed and set up. Experimental findings and first applications demonstrate the capability of the new system.


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