The toothbrush : the process for producing a film




McCleary, Mercedes

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This thesis documents the production process for which to develop, direct, design, and film a staged narrative work translated and inspired by the Argentinian born playwright Jorge Diaz’s El Cepillo de Dientes, The Toothbrush, an absurd and dark comedic stage play. The thesis draws comparisons between the research, preparation, and production process for live theatre and for filmed narrative works. The thesis will discuss the way in which one prepares, constructs, modifies, and applies storytelling structure, concepts of time, visual composition, and stylistic point of view to a work in the two fields. The thesis will examine the roles, skills, and knowledge necessary to successfully execute and complete a project of this type. The thesis examines variations in the research and preparation processes necessary to each medium, live stage and film. The paper will make clear the breath of roles I had to undertake to complete the project which include translator, screenwriter, producer, director, cinematographer, production designer and video editor. The archival elements will include a project journal with all design and technical drawings, and a chronicle of this artist’s creative process for the making of the narrative film.


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