Mad Man in the Writing Center: Why Don Draper and I have a lot in common




Thomas, Mark

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Don Draper is the tall, dark, and handsome lead character on the cable TV series Mad Men. I, on the other hand, am short, very white, and average looking, except as I mentioned, I am extremely white. Pale. Tres blanc. I am so white that a friend once described me as translucent. In the right light, and from a particular angle, you can see through me. That leads me back to how Don Draper and I are alike. For those of you unfamiliar with Mad Men, the Madison Avenue ad executive ostensibly called Donald Draper is actually an imposter named Dick Whitman, who stole the dog tags from a dead fellow soldier in Korea and assumed his identity. I was watching the finale of season four when the parallel hit me. Tutoring in writing has shown me my double life.

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