Compliance-based Affordance Templates for remote mobile manipulation




Elliott, Cassidy Morgan

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This thesis details the implementation of Affordance Templates with a compliance controller to pseudo-autonomously perform complex contact tasks in industrial environments. Multiple action planning methods were evaluated, and ATs were chosen as the best option for industry use due to their intuitive user interface. Two Affordance Template packages were implemented and evaluated to determine the package best suited for use by novice operators. That package was then implemented in conjunction with a compliance controller in the form of a remote demonstration to showcase reduction in operator cognitive burden by automatically managing contact forces and significant command latency (approx 250 ms) during task performance. The results showed that ATs greatly reduced task execution time and number of errors compared to manual control, with added compliance reducing AT set up time. Finally, this thesis introduces Affordance Primitives, which were created to increase the flexibility of Affordance Templates and present a path for future development in the field of automated task planning.


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