Modeling on the Moving Induction Heating Used in Weld-Based Additive Manufacturing

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Bai, X.W.
Zhang, H.O.
Wang, G.I.

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University of Texas at Austin


This paper numerically investigates the application induction heating in weld-based additive manufacturing to reduce residual stresses. To avoid time-consuming transient electromagnetic calculation, the induction heat is assumed to be constant in the arc coordinate. Thermo-electromagnetic coupling analysis is performed only at a typical time to obtain the representative distribution of induction heat, which is then transferred to the thermal analysis of multilayer deposition as a secondary heat source. Furthermore, the effects of real-time induction preheating and postheating on residual stress state are analyzed in comparative simulations. The results show that both induction preheating and postheating lead to more homogeneous heat input and lower residual stresses compared with the case without induction heating.


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