The Origin Of Radio Scintillation In The Local Interstellar Medium




Linsky, Jeffrey L.
Rickett, Barney J.
Redfield, Seth

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We study three quasar radio sources (B1257-326, B1519-273, and J1819+385) that show large-amplitude intraday and annual scintillation variability produced by the Earth's motion relative to turbulent-scattering screens located within a few parsecs of the Sun. We find that the lines of sight to these sources pass through the edges of partially ionized warm interstellar clouds where two or more clouds may interact. From the gas flow vectors of these clouds, we find that the relative radial and transverse velocities of these clouds are large and could generate the turbulence that is responsible for the observed scintillation. For all three sight lines the flow velocities of nearby warm local interstellar clouds are consistent with the fits to the transverse flows of the radio scintillation signals.



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Linsky, Jeffrey L., Barney J. Rickett, and Seth Redfield. "The origin of radio scintillation in the local interstellar medium." The Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 675, No. 1 (Mar., 2008): 413.