Energy return on investment for algal biofuel production coupled with wastewater treatment




Beal, Colin M.
Stillwell, Ashlynn S.
King, Carey W.
Cohen, Stuart M.
Berberoglu, Halil
Bhattarai, Rajendra P.
Connelly, Rhykka L.
Webber, Michael E.
Hebner, Robert E.

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Water Environment Research


This study presents a second-order energy return on investment analysis to evaluate the mutual benefits of combining an advanced wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) (with biological nutrient removal) with algal biofuel production. With conventional, independently operated systems, algae production requires significant material inputs, which require energy directly and indirectly, and the WWTP requires significant energy inputs for treatment of the waste streams. The second-order energy return on investment values for independent operation of the WWTP and the algal biofuels production facility were determined to be 0.37 and 0.42, respectively. By combining the two, energy inputs can be reduced significantly. Consequently, the integrated system can outperform the isolated system, yielding a second-order energy return on investment of 1.44. Combining these systems transforms two energy sinks to a collective (second-order) energy source. However, these results do not include capital, labor, and other required expenses, suggesting that profitable deployment will be challenging.


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C.M. Beal, A.S. Stillwell, C.W. King, S.M. Cohen, H. Berberoglu, R.P. Bhattarai, R. Connelly, M.E. Webber, R.E. Hebner, "Energy Return on Investment for Algal Biofuel Production Coupled with Wastewater Treatment," Water Environment Research, Volume 84, Number 9 (19pp) (2012)