Appraisal of groundwater in storage in the Ogallala aquifer beneath the Duncan Ranch, Hutchinson and Roberts Counties, Texas

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This study assesses and evaluates groundwater storage in the Ogallala aquifer beneath Duncan Ranch in Hutchinson and Roberts Counties, Texas. Data used for mapping the base and water table of the Ogallala aquifer included results from 10 boreholes drilled on Duncan Ranch, water-level readings at nearby wells, data on the elevation of the top of red beds in the vicinity of Duncan Ranch, and parameters mapped in the regional computer model of the Ogallala aquifer. Gamma and resistivity logs from the 10 Duncan Ranch boreholes were used as a basis for estimating water quality.

A best estimate of the volume of water in place in sands and gravels of the Ogallala aquifer beneath Duncan Ranch is 380,000 acre-feet. Different estimates of porosity give a range in water volume from approximately 320,000 to 440,000 acre-feet. The best estimate is the midpoint of this range, calculated within each section on Duncan Ranch. Chloride (Cl) concentration estimated for a subset of this volume averages 85 mg/L. Because the resistivity method overestimates Cl concentration of less than 15 mg/L, the true average is probably less than 85 mg/L. All of this water volume might not be recoverable. Hydrogeologic modeling would provide a technical basis for evaluating the performance of various well-field scenarios but was beyond the scope of this study.


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