Non-linear modeling parameters for reinforced concrete columns with inadequate lap splices

Al Aawar, Wiam
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The Structural Engineering Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE/SEI) publishes a Standard used across the United States and in many countries for Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of Existing Buildings (ASCE/SEI 41-13). The Standard defines strength capacities of structural members, as well as deformation capacities through Modeling Parameters. The objective of this project was to collect and analyze needed data for updating the existing provisions in the Standard for concrete columns governed by splice failure. A database of 51 tests on columns with lap-spliced longitudinal reinforcement was assembled. Strength and deformation capacities were extracted from the test data and used to evaluate the splice failure triggers of ASCE/SEI 41-13. Deformation capacities of columns sustaining splice failures were extracted as nonlinear Modeling Parameters. The parameters were observed to increase with an increase in transverse reinforcement ratio. Additional trends between Modeling Parameters and various influential factors were also investigated and discussed.