Youth sports nutrition : a review




Smith, Frances Lee

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Youth athletes in the 21st century have increasingly high demands to be bigger, stronger and faster. Starting as early as age four through high school, developing athletes may be practicing their sport upwards of 20 hours per week. Proper nutrition is paramount to fueling the body for energy during play, repair and recovery. Pediatric athletes have unique nutritional needs that differ from the principles of sports nutrition for adults. Some important differences include energy expenditure, substrate utilization and thermoregulation in youth during exercise. There are ample resources for adult athletes but specific research findings, recommendations and counselors are limited for children and adolescent athletes. This report compiles and dissects information from robust studies on adult athletes, current pediatric athlete recommendations and suggested applications, assessments and programs from real world experience. Youth Sports Nutrition: A Review relays this comprehensive information in a compact, readable format to be used in the practical application of properly nourishing youth athletes.


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