Henery, Celeste

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“Before joining the group, I was not sick, but I was feeling something weird…One day I went to Judite’s house and she asked if I wanted to participate in the group…I said, “Ah, I’m not going!” And she, “Well, if you would like to go, let me know.” I was feeling lazy all the time. My only desire was to stay home and lay down. I slept, got out of bed and sat in front of the television…then, when I got tired of watching television I would go back to bed…When I joined the group, then everything started to change. I began practicing singing and dancing, going out for long walks and I even went to work with my brother-in-law binding cardboard. After I came here, I started looking at people and some started talking to me. Even Ju spoke to me and asked, “Are you enjoying this?” I replied, “Oh yes, I am really enjoying this!” She said, “That’s right, God bless that you are going to continue with us.” I said, “Definitely!” I started going out with the Meninas. In so far as going out with them, talking with them, I started reeducating myself. Now everyone greets me and smiles. I became another person…for me everything is pure joy.” (November 2006)


Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil

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