Geology and Engineering Characteristics of Selected Low-Permability Gas Sands: A Survey

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Finley, Robert J.

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Research on tight gas sands has traditionally focused on lenticular sands, but there is growing recognition of the importance of blanket-geometry sands, which are deposited by different systems and have distinct reservoir characteristics. To ensure that research findings are applicable across various reservoir types, this survey emphasizes elastic depositional systems and the potential for extrapolating results between different stratigraphic units.

Information was gathered for 16 sedimentary basins, focusing on the general attributes, economic factors, geologic parameters of the basin, and specific geologic and engineering parameters of selected blanket-geometry tight gas sands. These sands are primarily associated with deltaic barrier-strandplain systems and, to a lesser extent, shelf elastic depositional systems. For example, formations like the Travis Peak and Frontier Formations, representing fan delta and deltaic systems, respectively, show high operator interest and good extrapolation potential.

Within the Mesaverde Group in basins like the San Juan, Piceance Creek, Uinta, and Greater Green River Basins, several formations exhibit good extrapolation potential, particularly those associated with barrier-strandplain systems. Offshore bars and other minor facies are also present in these systems. Examples include the Cozzette and Corcoran Sandstones, which are of interest to explorationists and merit further study.

Among shelf systems, the Mancos "B" Formation and adjacent intervals warrant examination alongside formations like the Cozzette and Corcoran Sandstones to ensure that potential tight gas resources in shelf systems are adequately considered. This comprehensive approach aims to broaden understanding and facilitate effective exploration and development strategies for blanket-geometry tight gas sands.


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