39 inside : for chamber ensemble, electronics, dance, and video




Martinez, Jose Guillermo

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39 Inside is a thirty-five-minute interdisciplinary collaboration for mixed chamber ensemble, electronics, video, and dance that deals with the topic of unauthorized migration across the US – Mexico border. The project focuses on true events that happened in the summer of 2017 in San Antonio, TX, where thirty-nine people were found inside the back of a trailer-truck in a parking lot. The main goal of this project is to create a work that delivers unheard details of unauthorized migration by using a general-to-specific approach across the multiple multimedia components. In this document, I describe the general creative process for the piece covering all the interconnected areas. I explain the creation of the script using journalistic resources, personal accounts, and official documents. I evaluate the collaborative relationships between dance, video, and music by using a variation of Van Stiefel’s scenarios. Lastly, I describe and analyze the multiple aspects of the instrumental and electroacoustic writing. This document presents my own personal creative approach for an interdisciplinary work that heavily involves technology, by describing the enhancement of the poetic and the narrative within the socio-political issue of unauthorized migration in the US.



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