Texas floods [of] April, May, June, 1957

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Board of Water Engineers

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State of Texas Board of Water Engineers


The floods of April-June 1957 in Texas were outstanding both because of the large geographical area which experienced flood conditions and because of the large volume of runoff produced. All streams in the State, from the Red River to the Rio Grande, were in flood much of the time during this three-month period. Excluding the Red River and the Rio Grande and considering only the interior streams in Texas, 38 million acre-feet of runoff, adjusted for storage in major reservoirs, was produced over the State during this three - month period. Peak flows which exceeded previously known floods occurred on only a few streams . The outstanding peak flow which occurred on Palo Pinto Creek, a tributary to the Brazos River near Santo on May 25-26, was the maximum stage known since at least 1880. The flood of May 12 on Sulphur Creek was only 1.5 feet lower than the highest known flood of 1873 at a site about three miles downstream from Lampasas . This report has been prepared to supply hydrologic data needed for immediate planning. Included in the report are general descriptions of the floods, rain fall information, and streamflow and reservoir con tents records at 97 selected gaging stations through out the State.


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