Archaeological Investigations at Punta De Cacao, an Ancient Maya Town-Sized Settlement in Orange Walk District, Northwest Belize, Central America; The University of the Incarnate Word Project, 2001-2004




Robichaux, Hubert R.
Hartnett, Kristen
Pruett, Candace
Miller, Alexandra

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University of Texas at Austin


Table of Contents : In Memoriam (p.iii) -- Acknowledgements (p.v) -- Introduction (p.1-10) -- A Regional Perspective of the Punta de Cacao Ceramic Complexes / by Fred Valdez, Jr. (p.11-20) -- Mapping Punta de Cacao (p.21-28) -- Excavations at Punta de Cacao (p.29-44) -- The Central Precinct of Punta de Cacao (p.45-54) -- Punta de Cacao as a Whole: Total Area, Population Density, and Total Population (p.55-58) -- Town Layout (p.59-62) -- Social Stratification at Punta de Cacao: Implications Derived from the Structure Data Base (p.63-64) -- Punta de Cacao through Time: Its Life Cycle (p.65-70) -- Final Thoughts (p.69-70) -- APPENDIX A: Structure Type Codes (p.71-13) -- APPENDIX B: Vegetation Codes (p.73-75) -- APPENDIX C: Punta de Cacao Structure Data Base -- (p.75-93) --APPENDIX D: Excavation/Temporal Data (p.93-94) -- APPENDIX D: Excavation/Temporal Data (p.95-96) -- References Cited (p.97)


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