A 12-bit, 10 Msps two stage SAR-based pipeline ADC




Gandara, Miguel Francisco

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The market for battery powered communications devices has grown significantly in recent years. These devices require a large number of analog to digital converters (ADCs) to transform wireless and other physical data into the digital signals required for digital signal processing elements and micro-processors. For these applications, power efficiency and accuracy are of the utmost importance. Successive approximation register (SAR) ADCs are frequently used in power constrained applications, but their main limitation is their low sampling rate. In this work, a two stage pipelined ADC is presented that attempts to mitigate some of the sampling rate limitations of a SAR while maintaining its power and resolution advantages. Special techniques are used to reduce the overall sampling capacitance required in both SAR stages and to increase the linearity of the multiplying digital to analog converter (MDAC) output. The SAR sampling network, control logic, and MDAC blocks are completely implemented. Ideal components were used for the clocking, comparators, and switches. At the end of this design, a figure of merit of 51 fJ/conversion-step was achieved.



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