The Adolfo Betti Music Collection at the University of Texas

Jones, Donald Bemis, 1928-
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On December 2, 1950, in Bagni di Lucca, Italy, Adolfo Betti, first violinist of the world renowned Flonzaley Quartet, died. Early in 1951 his widow, Madeleine Monnier Betti, decided to sell his music library which contained much of the music used by the Flonzaley Quartet. Mr. Albert Gillis, professor of viola at The University of Texas, finding out about the sale, consulted with Dean E. W. Doty, and the Betti music library was purchased for the music school of the College of Fine Arts of The University of Texas. The library contains, in addition to a sizeable collection of foreign chamber works, materials of considerable historical interest to all lovers of chamber music. "The Flonzaley Quartet was considered without a peer at the height of its fame. Consequently, the first violinist's personal library is of considerable interest and value," Dean Doty said. The purpose of this thesis is to place at the disposal of those persons interested in chamber music a comprehensive listing of the complete Betti music library. Included in the thesis is a classified catalog and complete catalog of the collection, a check list and a general formal and stylistic analysis of several compositions which are not generally known, a biographical sketch of Betti, and a brief history of the Flonzaley Quartet