Fiber-Reinforcement of Binder-Jetted Casting Molds for Multiple Usag

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University of Texas at Austin


Widely used sand casting with lost molds is an efficient and cost-effective way of producing geometrically complex components. As the demand for sand has tripled over the last two decades, finding new solutions for thermostable binder systems and ensuring the efficient use of resources is essential. To address this issue, the REINFORCED SAND project is exploring glass fiber-reinforced sand molds and temperature-stable inorganic binders within the binder-jetting process. The aim is to improve the mechanical properties of the D-printed casting molds to make multiple uses of these possible, reducing resource consumption and increasing profitability. For this purpose, various material systems and manufacturing parameters were examined. It has been demonstrated that fiber-reinforced sand molds can be used for multiple castings, and fibers can be principally processed in the binder jetting process. These efforts aim to make sand casting production more environmentally friendly and sustainable. The REINFORCED SAND project is a step towards achieving these goals.


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