Hydrologic and Hydrochemical Results from Pumping Tests Conducted at the 11-14 Pond, Pantex Plant, Texas

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Results from pumping tests conducted in monitoring wells located at the 11-14 pond significantly increase our understanding of the hydrogeology of perched aquifers at the Pantex Plant, the U.S. Department of Energy weapons plant serving as the final assembly and disassembly point for the nuclear arsenal and also as a test facility for high explosives. The mean transmissivity and hydraulic conductivity calculated for all four wells based on delayed yield analyses were 488 ± 250 ft^2 d^-1 and 33.8 ± 17.9 ft d^-1 (45.3 ± 23.2 m^2 d^-1 and 10.3 ± 5.4 m d^-1), respectively. On the basis of these hydraulic conditions, a ground-water velocity in the 11-14 pond area of 0.85 ft d^-1 (0.26 m d^-1) was calculated. Results of chemical analyses on water samples collected at three different times during the pumping test were relatively consistent. This consistency indicates that, within the volume of the perched aquifer from which water was pumped, no compositional stratification or lateral compositional trends could be conclusively identified.


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