Shear Properties of the Re-Entrant Auxetic Structure Made via Electron Beam Melting

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Yang, Li
Harrysson, Ola
West, Harvey
Cormier, Dennis

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University of Texas at Austin


While the tensile/compressive mechanical properties of the re-entrant auxetic cellular structure have been relatively well modeled, their shear properties including the shear modulus and shear strength have not been investigated. This paper focuses on the analytical modeling of the shear properties of this auxetic structure utilizing beam analysis. The modeling results were further compared with results from both simulation and experimentation. It was found that in addition to the effective length reduction effect, the size effect also becomes significant for the shearing of this re-entrant auxetic structures. Due to the size effect, it was expected that the re-entrant auxetic structure could not be effectively homogenized based on the developed analytical property model, and additional design factors must be considered in the future.


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