Comprehensive Econometric Microsimulator for Daily Activity-Travel Patterns




Bhat, Chandra R.
Guo, Jessica Y.
Srinivasan, Sivaramakrishnan
Sivakumar, Aruna

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National Academy of Sciences


The Comprehensive Econometric Micro-simulator for Daily Activity-travel Patterns (CEMDAP) is a micro-simulation implementation of an activity-travel modeling system. Given as input various land-use, sociodemographic, activity system, and transportation level-of-service attributes, the system provides as output the complete daily activity-travel patterns for each individual in each household of a population. This paper describes the underlying econometric modeling framework and the software development experience associated with CEMDAP. The steps involved in applying CEMDAP to predict activity-travel patterns and to perform policy analysis are also presented. Empirical results obtained from applying the software to the Dallas/Fort-Worth area demonstrate that CEMDAP provides a means of analyzing policy impacts in ways that are generally infeasible with the conventional four-stage approach.


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Bhat, C.R., J.Y. Guo, S. Srinivasan, and A. Sivakumar (2004). Comprehensive Econometric Microsimulator for Daily Activity-Travel Patterns. Transportation Research Record,�Vol. 1894, pp. 57-66.��