Examining facilitators of trust in a pediatric collaborative care model: a qualitative study



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Community-based participatory research is an equitable approach to research involving the community in all aspects of the research process to help promote the application of research findings directly to populations. The current study employed a community-based participatory research approach to help identify barriers and facilitators of trust in providers in a collaborative care model of integrated behavioral health at a Federally Qualified Health Center serving mostly Latine children and families called the psychiatry conference. 14 parents and six children were interviewed qualitatively about their experiences with the psychiatry conference and a thematic analysis approach was employed to identify themes related to facilitators of trust in providers. Results found that facilitators of trust included: the primary care provider serving as a bridge to help trusting relationships form between the psychiatrist and families, reciprocal respect between providers and families, and the psychiatrist taking an educational approach. Barriers to trust included: the quality and availability of interpreter services as well as lack of a tailored approach for patients depending on diagnosis. Other factors such as parent-child synchrony and optimism contributed to final reactions to the psychiatry conference as well as retention processes. This study helps to elucidate how to implement a CBPR study in an integrated care setting as well as ways to improve the acceptability of primary care behavioral health services for Latine children and families.


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