Homopolar Pulsed Welding of API Line Pipe

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Haase, P.W.
Eliezer, Z.
Carnes, R.W.
Harville, M.W.
Gully, J.H.
Trevisan, R.E.

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Homopolar pulse welding is a welding process that is being developed to rapidly join API line pipe. This process has particular potential for application in offshore pipeline construction utilizing the J lay method. The weld joint produced has high strength and a narrow heat affected zone. There is a thin brittle zone at the weld interface, resulting in low impact toughness. The weld line is characterized by a very thin >light band>, believed to be a ferrite rich zone produced by a combination of localized melting and mechanical upset. Current developmental research is progressing to eliminate this brittle zone and improve weld geometry


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P.W. Haase, et al., “Homopolar pulsed welding of API line pipe,” 73rd Annual American Welding Society Convention in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A., March 22-27, 1992.