Analysis of Low-Permability Gas Sands Suitable for Future Research Programs

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Finley, Robert J.
Han, Jong H.

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Research on tight gas sands has traditionally focused on lenticular sands, but blanket-geometry sands, deposited by different processes, present distinct external and internal reservoir geometries requiring unique exploration and production techniques. To ensure the applicability of research findings across various reservoirs, a survey was conducted with a focus on elastic depositional systems and the potential transferability of results between different stratigraphic units.

Based on the survey results, five stratigraphic units were selected for further study, and data collection efforts were initiated during the contract period. A comprehensive work plan was developed for the analysis of these units, which includes the preparation of geologic cross sections and maps, review of productive areas, resource analysis, and documentation of findings.

The five selected units for study are the Travis Peak Formation, the Corcoran and Cozzette Sandstones, the Mancos "B" interval of the Mancos Shale, the upper Almond Formation, and the Frontier Formation. Data collection efforts have yielded a significant number of well logs from Colorado and Wyoming, with additional logs identified from Bureau files for the Travis Peak Formation. Wells suitable for cross-sectional analysis have been identified for the Travis Peak and Corcoran/Cozzette trends, and initial cross sections have been prepared for the latter trend. These efforts aim to enhance understanding and exploration potential of blanket-geometry tight gas sand reservoirs.


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